by Gerry

The first thing to note is that Rosetta Stone grossly overcharges for their programs.

They make a big deal that you learn as a baby does, as you did your first language. This is NOT an advantage but a disadvantage. You should learn based on your current skills. You are not a baby knowing nothing. This is misleading hype!

I am working so far with the first lesson only. I do not find it wonderful. Pictures are not enough, words in your own language should also be used.

There are much less expensive and excellent programs out there.

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Rosetta Stone Poor
by: OldFogie

I am still trying to get Rosetta Stone to teach me Spanish. I am on Lesson One. I do not find it good so far. But my son will try to help me tomorrow.

Kids up to 10 years or so absorb a new language like a blotter absorbs ink. But I, and most users, are not kids. Teaching like to kids, therefore, is not necessarily good. It hasn't worked for me - so far.

By the way, I see ads for Rosetta Stone in magazines. I don't like the young lady they have depicted as using it! OK, this is just advertising hype.

I will post here if I start to learn well.


it takes a lot of time no matter what
by: Anonymous

I'm 3/4 of the way through Level 1 Latin American Spanish. I've taken lots of language courses but this seems like the best to me. It is fun to say dumb things like 'the sky is blue' in spanish to my friends.

Learning a new language takes a lot of time. This program lets you jump in whenever you want and it goes back to remind you of what you learned.

I found that I was lost every time a new unit started but by the end I was tired of it as I felt like I knew everything! The last new unit I started was really frustrating but now I'm almost finished and I can remember how hard it seemed though it is easy now.

As to cost - get the free demo, try your library, check Pirate Bay or LimeWire!

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