One Helpful Word in Italian

While living in Italy I was required to attend a "culture class". We had learned a few words in Italian along with several common criminal activities focused towards travelers. We had learned what to watch out for and how to enjoy the experience at the same time.

The last part of the class involved a field trip to a market to experience what we had just learned. We had a great time dealing in the market.

While we were at the market two men drove by on a vespa and grabbed a necklace off a member of our group. As the lady fell to the ground she remember the word for "help" in Italian and she yelled it out.

People came from everywhere to assist her. A man down the road saw the two men on the vespa and stepped out infront of them to make them stop. They grabbed their bag as the bad guys ran away and her necklace was returned.

If she had not learned that one little word in Italian no one would have known to come to her rescue. She was fine and we all took it as a learning experience.

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