Pimsleur Danish (10 lessons only)

by Brian
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

I thought this was excellent. I did the 10 lessons in less than a week and even repeated some in that time (all for gearing up to visit Denmark). I found that after I finished, the Danish was coursing through my brain, and I was thinking in it to the extent that my very limited vocab allowed. I impressed the friends (Danish) we stayed with with my grammar and pronunciation.

I was impressed with how the program seemed to track how we learn language - aurally. We learn to read afterward. I did not even look at the written part of the program until I was about halfway through and was amazed (horrified?) at how different the spelling was from what I figured it would be. But that is similar to a child who learns to read.

I also liked the Pimsleur technique of asking about things from earlier lessons, to build my recall, and how it forced me to use the language to say things that I had not yet been taught to say. That was outstanding. I thought the program was challenging and intense - a real mental workout- but confidence-building.
I am looking forward to doing the full-bore Pimsleur program on German.

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