Pimsleur Romanian

I used the Pimsleur audio language learning CD set to learn Romanian before a trip. I very much enjoyed learning Romanian this way. I felt that the Pimsleur system is very good.

I liked that there was an audio-only portion. I liked that after you had mastered several phrases, they incorporated the visual portion by using the vocabulary sheets. That way, you could see how the language is pronounced in written form.

I liked that from the beginning, you learned phrases that most tourists would use. For instance, the first sentence they taught me was, "Yes, I speak a little Romanian,". They used very common phrases, and taught you words that you would most likely use.

In addition, they taught the different forms of the verbs for speaking to men and women. Although it's not an issue in English, it is a very big deal in Romania to use the correct form of the verb, depending on whether you're talking to a man or woman or child.

The repetition of the words helped for memory. With every lesson, there was a review of what you had learned in the previous lessons. That was really helpful, as it gave me the confidence that I was remembering the language.

Also, the man and woman on the CD spoke very clearly, and focused on the pronunciation of each word. I think that it's important to speak the words correctly, because if people can't understand what you're saying, it does no good to learn the language.

I really liked the system, and I will use it again should I need to learn another language.

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