Pimsleur Russian Review

I tried Pimsleur's elementary Russian language cd a few years ago as part of my independent efforts to learn Russian. Overall, I did not like the program very much because I felt that I was not learning the most useful forms of speech.

Pimsleur may work well in other languages, but it seemed ill-suited to the Russian language: the audio reinforced one form of a word, but because Russian is an inflected language, each noun can have 6 forms. Verbs have 6 conjugations, and yet Pimsleur emphasized the infinitive form, which you use the least of all!

It did seem very good for pronunciation though--it broke the words into the most basic sounds, so you could learn what it really should sound like.

I did not continue use of the product long enough to gain a lot of knowledge from it, so I cannot say whether I would have been able to put any of it into practice.

Pimsleur sets can be quite costly, so I would recommend that a person interested in learning a language invest in a class (if possible) rather than these CDs.

However, if you want to practice at home, the Pimsleur set might make a good complement to the class, if your teacher does not feel that it would interfere with your classroom curriculum. The set is particularly advisable for those who do not have exposure to conversation with a native speaker.

Still, based on my experience, I would not recommend the program as the foundation to a self-study curriculum.

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Pimsleur Russian is great
by: Anonymous

I read the negative review and need to comment. The Pimsleur Russian is not going to cover all forms of a verb or noun. It will not give a complete coverage to all parts of Russian language. It will also only give limited vocabulary.

However it will teach you to speak Russian. Most Russians will be able to understand your words. (I am talking about people in small town Russia community who never hear none native speakers.)

After finishing the class, I had a good speaking foundation in Russian. I started adding new words. I studied the grammar. It was much easier to do. Why? Because I was learning about what I was already speaking. As I learned about verb conjugations, it was expanding on what I learned in Pimsleur.

Try the lessons at your lib.. The local one here has all the Russian courses. It is free. (Well, paid for by your tax dollars.)

No edition of Pimsleur will give you everything needed about a language. It will help you learn to speak the language. The foundation is solid and easy to build on.

I love Pimsleur Russian
by: Anonymous

I've been through Pimsleur Russian levels I, II,and III (and have also been through all three levels for Japanese, Mandarin,Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and German). The Russian has worked very well for me -- I have a good working knowledge of Russian, and pretty good Russian pronunciation (there are some sounds in Russian that are tough for English speakers). As with all Pimsleur courses, it's very systematic and works its way from very simple phrases to more complicated ones. I particularly love the fact that it's essentially all audio,so you can study the language while driving or exercising. That's the only way I have time to study a language. Pimsleur I won't have you memorizing all the different endings for 6 cases, 3 genders and 2 numbers (singular and plural) that make Russian grammar so complex, which I'd rather not do anyway. But stick with the course, and you'll gradually pick up at least the ones you're most likely to need. (By the way,if you want a language with less grammatical complexity, try Mandarin -- no conjugations and no endings at all.)

Pimsleur Method of teaching Languages is The best!
by: Khalil Habash

I am 75yrs oldman from Kuwait. My name is Khalil,which (Means THE SINCERE FRIEND OF GOD AS A TITLE OF PROPHET ABRAHAM, MAY PEACE BE UPON HIM).I speak Arabic( My mother tongue)and English, Russian, French, Persian, Hindi(Urdo)Bangla fluently and Turkish,Panjabi and Chinese less fluent so that I can manage to comunicate and live in Turkey, China and Punjab Area of The Hindu Pak Speakers. I love people, without regard to their Nationalities, coulors, race, political ideas, as all people are the best creation of Glorified God. At the beginning with Russian Language I bought a five cassette box from a book shop in UAE. While driving for 1700KM. back home to Kuwait, I listened to those Pimsleur Russian Cassettes, repeatedly. Boy! I felt as if the Teacher was sitting beside me in my Veryca Car.I was hardly listening to News from Kuwait Radio, then going back to" Drasvoity, Cack vey Pajoviety" and so on. As soon as I arrived Home. I paid for a full 30 lessons course through Amazon, which has cost me high price compared to other sorces of learning Russian. This Method has helped me to overcome the natural resistance of learning other than mother tongue. That was in 1992. In 1993 I have gone to Kazakistan Republic with a Religious Group as An Interpretor. I have spent three months and had well masterd my Russian Language skill. This has urged me to learn Mandirene Chinese. I have immediately resorted again to Pimsleur Chinese and got 30 lesson on Cassettes. I started with " Twipu Chi Chinwin. Ni Khwai Shwow Puttun Khwama? Means can you speak the National Language?" and so on. Then I started visiting Chinese Restaurants, although their food is expensive. Still I am not as fluent in Chinese as other languages, although I learnt eating by using chip sticks! I thought getting married to a Chinese beautiful girl, but I am afraid my other three Multi National Old wives will cut my linguistic tounge or some other part of my body.! Please advise me how to master my Chines Language, before I go to Heavens as there are 70 Heavenly Girls are waiting for me!

It's really not a good program
by: brian99

I've tried to listen to various Pimsleur programs and it's simply too boring to bother. We've helped put together the text for Pimsleur Russian 1, but strongly encourage people not to use it. The Russian you learn is NOT natural and is often bordering on ridiculous. Most Russians who listen to the program die laughing because it's so funny. There's much better material available elsewhere. Do not waste your time and money with Pimsleur.

It's great but it needs more levels.
by: Philip

My only complaint is that there aren't more levels. Three levels just isn't enough for Russian, (not that it's really enough for any language). Just when I felt like I was really getting somewhere, it was over.
It doesn't really make sense that the simpler languages like Spanish and French would have more levels than more complicated ones like Russian. I guess it's just a matter of which ones sell the most.

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