Podcasts Rule!

by Marko
(Los Angeles, US)

I love podcasts! There's no better way to keep learning after a basic course. There are a bunch of good podcasts for learning Spanish. Desde el Bano, Notes in Spanish, Learn Spanish - Survival Guide, Instaspanish and a bunch of others.

You can get 10 times as much audio from podcasts for free than you could get from an audio course that you pay for. We're talking hours and hours. You can't buy that much audio cds. Ok, maybe it doesn't teach a beginner as good as Pimsleur can, but it's free!

Some podcasts are pretty basic, too. You can use them right along with your method. On this site, you like to talk about how important audio is. Well, podcasts give you tons of audio for free. I keep saying that, but it's true!

I guess it depends on what language you're learning. My friend wants to learn Finnish and there's hardly anything for it. French and Italian have a lot though. If you're learning one of the big languages, look around for podcasts, you'll find lots of them.

Thanks for this site - I've got tons of good ideas and lots of motivation from the site and the newsletter. You rule!

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Podcasts are the future of language learning!
by: Ron

I think you're right on the money. Podcasts are the future of language learning.

It's not just user-driven content. Anyone could be said to be an expert in their own native language. That means that any motivated individual can create a podcast for other people to learn their language.

There are lots of enterprising people out there. Before long, I think there will be podcasts for just about any language. Even some really obscure ones.

Right now the reality is just starting to sink in. Yeah, it's still hard to find a podcast for learning Swedish or Catalan or Finnish. But eventually we'll see it. The sooner the better I say!

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