Portuguese Language Resources and Links

Here is a list of Portuguese language resources and links to resources for learning Portuguese language and culture. There are not nearly as many helpful resources as with some other languages, but I will add more as I discover them (so many languages, so little time!) If you have a problem with a link, or if you find something that you think warrants primary attention from this page, please contact me and I'll get on it as soon as possible.

Portuguese Grammar Site from Finland A good free resource for getting the basics of the Portuguese language.

Beginner Portuguese Lessons Lessons for getting started learning Portuguese, complete with some sound files.

Sonia Portuguese This is also a good site with lots of free material. Pronunciation guides, grammar, vocabulary and lots of audio. Sonia also provides her own products for learning Portuguese.

Portuguese Language Resources at Polyglot A list of links to Portuguese related sites for culture, history, learning and more.

Articles on Portuguese language and culture Some articles on Brazilian culture and learning Portuguese.

And, of course, don't forget to check the loads of general language resources on the Language Resources Page where you can find all kinds of learning aids, online dictionaries and links to history, literature and other culture sites for learning about Portuguese and other languages.

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- Karl Kraus

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