Pulling The Trigger

by David
(Dallas, TX, U.S.A.)

I was about ready to pull the trigger and purchase Rosetta Stone when I decided to try to find some external reviews. The last time I looked at RS, I was only considering levels 1,2,3 with audio companion. I see that your review was about 1,2; but RS has since added 1,2,3,4,5 w/audio companion.

I'm against the "view something in your own language" concept because that is not how I learned my first language -- and this immersion is what impressed me with RS. I suppose you can "turn off" the local language in Tell Me More, but now the student has to decide if they are choosing the best method for themselves to learn, or if it is in fact better to have the different offerings. I'm looking at the CD products, the online RS product seems to have more learning approaches as well.

Then there is the return policy. So much content in TMM but only 90 days? Less content in RS but 6 months?

The business levels are tempting in TMM, but RS talks about being able to move abroad.

Hmm looks like TMM wants my first born before I can try their "free" demo.

I suppose the final factor for me is that there is no Mac version for TMM. I saw the comment below and their system requirements do not mention Mac. I assume it would work in a Virtual Machine like VMware with Windows, but TMM is not really compelling me too much.

Hopefully I'll find out if RS is the one for me in under 6 months and then maybe I'll check out TMM. But hopefully I'll be satisfied with RS. Maybe Microsoft will offer a stable operating system by then or TMM will be available on a stable OS?

Now if I could just pull that trigger.

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