Reflecting on Learning Spanish

by Indigo
(Arlington, VA)

Spanish is the first foreign language I learned. I've studied or been exposed to at least seven more so I can say that Spanish was my first language love, my gateway into a world of polyglossia.

In my own terms, I consider Spanish a light language which may be what some linguists refer to as a low-density language.

Different learners will have varying challenges learning Spanish, especially with pronunciation but for native speakers of English, Spanish is largely one of the easiest languages to learn. There are so many cognates that we can use to help us figure out a meaning. The orthography, unlike English is very consistent. Once you learn how to pronounce the vowels and consonants (j, ll, x, g etc), Spanish pretty much follows its own rules with reasonable exceptions.

Musically speaking, I think Spanish is melodic and sharp as opposed to dull and flat.

While you can be as equally effective in Spanish, speaking about serious and somber topics as you can about lighter, humorous topics, in my opinion, the Spanish language inherently exudes fun, passion and warmth.

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