Review of Chinese Language

A foreign language popular in Asia - Chinese. I live in Philippines and if you don't know well there are a lot of Chinese living here. Well let's now go to the language itself.

Chinese is really different from other languages like english,tagalog,french, and more western languages. It is more likely to be same in languages like Korean, Japanese, and more languages in Asia. It is very different from western languages because it does not use the usual letters or vowels like a,b,c,d - the ones I'm using roight now. Chinese is written in a hard way, but I think as you write more and more you will be expert on it like other languages.

In speaking it, I believe it is also very different because the pronounciation of the letters are different. When I hear people talking Chinese it's like you can't understand it because they speak fast which I believe Chinese language should be really pronounced in a fast manner not like English that even you already know it very well sometimes you tend to speak it still slowly.

I more like it in a music rather than hear it from people. Chinese is also good in films, but I believe the genre of the movie also matters to to the language. The genre of western movies does not suit the Chinese language and also vice

I want to share one experience of mine, I study at a Chinese school and I really have a hard time
learning it so my mom hired personal teacher for me at that specific subject. My teacher always tell me to write and write at the same time to memorize that's why until now I don't really speak Chinese, but I can understand, if you speak slowly and easy words. Truly, Chinese is a hard language to learn.

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