Review of Lithuanian

Of all of the languages that I have had any experience with the one that I love the most is Lithuanian.

Having lived in Lithuania for two years among the people, fully immersed in the culture and the nationalism that they exhibit, I love the language. At first site I was very intimidated by it as it appeared so different and foreign to me, though it has the same alphabet as English it is so different gramatically as to be quite frightening from the start. It is a Baltic language of course, and so it does bear striking similarities to the only other surviving Baltic language, Latvian, but other than that it is
quite different from the majority of other European languages. One of the things that makes it so different is declensions, which is something that is also found in other languages, but something that many native English speakers know nothing about. The beauty of it is that once you learn the usage of declensions and their purpose they seemingly become indispensible to language. I still remember how I had trouble upon my return to the U.S. with not using certain terms and phrases in Lithuanian when I was speaking in English, just because they seemed to make so much more sense then the English counterparts for vocabulary and grammar. Overall it is a wonderful language with a wonderful sound so highly influenced by a people with an extreme amount of nationalistic pride as to be certain to remain for centuries.

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