Rosetta in Greek

by Sam Kamilos
(Carmichael, CA)

I bought Rosetta Stone levels I and II in Greek in anticipation of an extended trip to Greece including my father's home island. Since I heard Greek frequently in my childhood pronounciation was not an issue. Rosetta Stone gave me a good opportunity to learn how to quickly read and sound out words in the Greek alphabet. The big weakness in the program and why I don't recommend it is that it doesn't teach you the structure of the language. Some of us are analytical learners and we need to know "why" to retain what we've learned. There is no discussion of conjugation or noun declension both vital to the language. You just have to learn this by inference in associating words with pictures. I don't say it's impossible to learn Greek with Rosetta Stone but it will take an unusual amount of dedication and constant practice to get anywhere. In my long years of extensive foreign travel I try to learn enough to be able to cobble together my own sentences. While they may lack correct grammar they are understood. We've all heard foreign born Americans who due strange twists with the English language but we understand them. Communication is all I want. I'm not applying for a Fulbright.

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Tells me that Spanish via Rosetta could be good.
by: Thompson Daniel

This review of learning Greek via Rosetta Stone is very helpful. I've never seen Rosetta Stone examples except for a few on its home page online. My hope is to improve Latin American Spanish. Because I have studied the grammar details over the years, RS may still be useful and interesting. (I follow eBay sellings of the 5 volume version to find a more reasonable price I might get.)

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