Rosetta stone - a good supplement

by Mimi

Okay, so I agree with a lot of people - Rosetta stone is ridiculously expensive (unless you feel like pirating it - like me), is can be pretty confusing. Especially if your using version 2 and not the much improved version 3. I started using both for Spanish and had no problem. However, that's because I'm fluent in French and had taken Spanish courses at school. Then I tried Russian, and things got a little more complicated. Try understanding the case system when you don't even know it exists. HOWEVER, I then went and found a couple of books and videos on Russian grammar, and WENT BACK to Rosetta stone with my new knowledge. And you know what? It was exactly what I needed. Because now that I understood the structure of the language, I needed to build vocabulary and start interacting with it - both of which is done very well in Rosetta stone. In fact, I've noticed that I already knew much of the vocabulary presented in the grammar books because of Rosetta Stone. So, is it the be-all and end-all of language courses? No. However, it is a great tool, used in conjunction with a couple of other sources for learning language on your own.

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Rosetta Stone French
by: Umar

Thanks for your input, Mimi. Since you realized you needed grammar books and a few videos to help improve your Russian, would you recommend the same thing for me, even though I'm interested in learning French?

hey here
by: love 223

Rosetta stone is obviously highly priced and I am one of those guys who is going to revolt against it. I might even tell everyone not to buy it one every social media. I am just fed up with these people.

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