Rosetta Stone helpful but

Definitely helpful, but should not be the only tool you use to learn the language.

The Rosetta Stone product was exceptionally helpful in learning new vocabulary and some basic words - much more helpful than any textbooks, tapes or computer programs I have ever used.

It was also helpful in terms of learning pronunciation.

However, I found that it was not very helpful in terms of learning how to put words together and form MY OWN sentences. I think it would have been wonderful if it had a couple of extra lessons in each section which had you put together your own sentences as opposed to identifying the pictures associated with the sentences the Rosetta Stone put together.

All in all though, it's a great tool. Just not as great as it is advertised.

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Great Point
by: Anonymous

Great point about forming 'your own' sentences. This is where I think that Pimsleur is so much stronger than Rosetta Stone. It forces 'creative use' of the language. Rosetta Stone encourages passive learning of the language, but doesn't really inspire more active use of it.

I think that, when left to our own devices, most students of a language will do just enough to get by. This is a particular danger of Rosetta Stone that I think many students will not recognize and rectify.

With the right supplemental learning materials, Rosetta Stone builds a great foundation.

How About Rosetta Stone AND Pimsleur?
by: Ron

I agree about the need to put your own sentences together and that Rosetta Stone may miss the boat a little on this.

But, I don't think that Pimsleur is necessarily 'stronger' than Rosetta Stone, just 'different.' I've heard comments from people that love Pimsleur and don't like Rosetta Stone, and I've heard from people who love Rosetta Stone and don't like Pimsleur.

If I could have a language learning 'wishlist' I think that Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone would both be on it, if cost wasn't a factor. They complement each other so well - Rosetta Stone provides an easy-to-use way to absorb the language, and Pimsleur provides an easy way to begin using the language.

At least, that's how I see it. If you have the money, don't choose between them - buy them both!!!

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