Rosetta Stone Hindi

Rosetta Stone is a great method to learn Hindi. You don't need any prior experience with the language and there is no translation into English - it's completely immersive! It's a flexible and comprehensive way to get a strong foundation in Hindi. Rosetta Stone has recently released a new version of the software, and expanded Hindi to all 3 levels!

This award-winning software is an easy-to-use program which teaches you every aspect of Hindi. With Rosetta Stone Hindi you learn all the skills you need to use Hindi on a daily basis - listening, speaking, reading, writing and even culturally sensitive social skills. By using images, text, audio from native speakers and even video, you will be steeped in Hindi without any translation into English. A true immersive experience!

Rosetta Stone Hindi Features

Audio - one of the most important factors to focus on when learning a language. Rosetta Stone has thousands of vocabulary words and phrases spoken by native Hindi speakers. Not only can you hear Hindi, you can practice speaking and with the included microphone have your voice and pronunciation analyzed so you can perfect your accent!

Text - there are as many opportunities to study reading and writing Hindi with Rosetta Stone as there are for speaking and listening. For many people, seeing the words and phrases can be a great help to memorize them. You are seeing and using text right from the beginning.

Video - a great way to provide the feel of an immersive environment. Few language product publishers embrace new technology the way Rosetta Stone does. By integrating movies and video, the learner has a whole new way of experiencing the language while learning.

Flexibility - The flexibility of the program allows you to adjust your learning needs. You can focus more on your problem areas if you want. Suppose you don't want to focus on reading and writing just yet. You can use only those exercises which focus on speaking and listening without affecting your learning course.

Or maybe you need some extra work on your pronunciation. Then simply put extra time in with those exercises. The ability to adjust your focus is a great asset.

Online Learning - Rosetta Stone also offers a unique online learning option. Rather than buy the software, you can purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription and have access to the full 3 level set online! A great value for the right learner.

Demo - There's no better way to find out how well you like the program than to test it out! Try the Rosetta Stone Hindi demo (for free, of course) and see for yourself how you like Rosetta Stone.

Guarantee - With a 100% money back guarantee, you simply can't go wrong.

No Competition - You may have noticed that there aren't many commercial products to learn Hindi. There are a few, but they are usually not developed to the same level as products for 'more popular' languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian or Chinese. And still other publishers don't have any product for learning Hindi at all.

Because no other language publisher produces a product with the same number of features and flexibility, Rosetta Stone Hindi is the premier language method for learning Hindi!

Here are some reviews of Rosetta Stone products from language learners just like you :

"I STILL use Rosetta to help me through college classes and keep me ahead of the rest of the pack. Some can just listen to German and pick up the language. Rosetta Stone greatly amplifies this process, and makes it available to anyone willing to put in the effort. By combining real life situations, images and audio, and then applying quiz-like, pressure situations, Rosetta Stone creates just the right balance required for effective language learning."
- Stefan (Lexington, Kentucky, USA)

"For me, Rosetta Stone had what I needed and I love it now. I was skeptical at first, but after a while, I couldn't live or learn French without it! I recommend using Rosetta Stone to learn French. Use the heck out of it and really MASTER what you're learning. Get a verb book and a dictionary too at least. Like this site says, don't rely on just 1 method to learn from."
- Alex (Chicago)

"I had a remedial understanding of the Spanish language. Rosetta Stone is teaching me basic Spanish quickly and easily just as it promises. If you commit about 30-60 minutes a day, I am sure it can work for anyone. I really like this program and look forward to completing all three levels. You've made a great product." Thanks a lot.
- Ermin (BiH)

"This is a wonderful way to learn. You find yourself able to form sentences of your own in the designated language you pick. I highly recommend that before purchasing this product to go to their website to view a demo. That is the best way to find out how great this product is.
- Deborah (Wichita Falls, Texas USA)

Read my in-depth review of Rosetta Stone, along with more reviews from other language learners - Rosetta Stone Review.

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