Rosetta Stone Spanish

by Evelyn Otto

The advertisements are too hyped up for what it is worth.

It is not easy to learn. I tried it out and will never recommend it to anyone. You have to guess the meaning. No English words to help you out.

After learning all the levels, I will still not be able to practice speaking as I don't know what it is all about without the pictures. It is too much of a guessing game and not much actual practice or learning.

Not worth the money for the product. You are better off buying tapes with a book and practicing it from it.

The words do not tell you what it means. It is too time consuming and frustrating. The interactive part is good for pronunciation but the problem is that you really do not know what you are saying or what the words mean. It is entirely up to you to make an educated guess. For the kind of money it charges it is definitely not worth it.

It is a waste of my time.

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