Rosetta Stone works well. But whatever software you choose, have a friend to speak with!

by Ben

I am moving to San Diego, California and wanted to learn Spanish before I moved so close to Latin America. I've been using Rosetta Stone for several months now, and have found it fantastic. I found classroom setting language learning was not a good fit for me, and while straight-up immersion did work very well, it's not really convenient to move to a different country long enough to learn their language (plus, if you're like me, you want to speak the language some before you go). To offer a contradiction to other reviews, I feel I have been learning quicker than expected from Rosetta Stone, given that I can now hold extended simple conversations in Spanish after roughly four fun (fun is important or you won't do it!) half-hour sessions per week for two months. Everyone has different learning styles, so find the right software for you. But I do highly recommend Rosetta Stone--it is the industry leader due to more than just good marketing, it is also a good program.

My biggest advice for anyone considering any language software is this: find someone who speaks that language to talk with! Not only is practicing outside of your program essential, I can pretty much guarantee you'll have questions. My brother and girlfriend have both studied Spanish for many years, and having them around has certainly improved my performance. Simply having a friend to speak the language with and ask for the occasional clarification is super-important.

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