Spanish as a Second Language

by Morgan
(Philadelphia, PA )

I work at a Hispanic nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania. Everyone speaks Spanish except me! I took it in college and high school, and it is still difficult for me to comprehend what they are saying. I even studied abroad in Spain and traveled to Mexico.

I believe that the problem lies in me. I did not practice it since graduating from college 5 years ago. I also am not exposed to it when I am at home or with my friends who do not work with me.

I have learned Spanish just by hearing it at work. I am able to understand the contexts of sentences and conversations. The people I work with also use body language which also helps me understand the context.

I learned that I am able to understand what they are saying, but when I ask questions it is still in English. It is frustrating to me because I have been there a year and a half.

I enjoy the Spanish language, and I like listening to Spanish music and watching foreign films in Spanish with English subtitles. I am also interested in the Hispanic/Latino culture in the United States of America, and in Latin American and Hispanic Countries. I believe that by learning and using the Spanish language, I will be more able to understand the culture and its people.

I know that I will learn more as time progresses and with more practice. I just hope that I will learn it before I have children because I want my future children to speak Spanish as their secondary language.

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