I THINK ROSETTA STONE IS GREAT, its called immersion for a reason dum nuts, if they gave you translations there would be no difference from a sapnish dictionary. My 8 year old sister could understand the instructions. Rosetta stone is way better than tell me more, its proven statistically. so you are dumn

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Maybe you should learn English
by: Anonymous

If there are no translations then how would you expect to learn a language at a complex level?! It's all very well being able to point at an apple and say what it is, what happens if you want to hold an actual conversation. Being able to say ball and horse is not going to help you if you don't know what to put inbetween. By the way, DUMB is spelt D U M B so before you go insulting people for being dumb please learn how to spell it. Much love

its not bad
by: Anonymous

Rosetta stone does teach you what to say in between. I suggest you try it before making assumptions about the program. It many not say apple = manzana. But from using the program and seeing the pictures. I am only on level one unit 2 right now but I am suprised at how quickly I have been learning stuff just by consistently learning these phrases. No I could not by any means have a conversation with someone but I feel like I am really understanding the differences in things like tiene tienen tengo etc.. Without ever seeing an exact translation. I have just seen and heard the sentences being used so much I know how to properly use those words

by: Anonymous III

I've always wanted to take a look through the sapnish dictionary.

Spelling only? What about grammar?
by: Anonymous

In addition to poor spelling, this poor man used poor grammar as well.

One can only pity this poor man!!

U mad bro?
by: Anonymous

Y U so mad bro?

rosetta stone sucks
by: assbot9000

sure you can say single words and some dumb phrases but youll never be able to hold a good conversation with this noob stuff. and to whomever said they were on level 1 unit 2 and they learned very easily, youve learned NOTHING of grammar or syntax, learning 1-to-1 correspondences is EASY, if you cant learn that, theres something wrong with you

rosetta stone is WAY overpriced for the POS that it is

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