Tell Me More is Great

by Mike
(Hoboken, NJ)

This is a great program. I studied French in high school and I want to use it again before I completely lose it. I thought I had a good handle on it but I had to go back to level 1. Maybe it is hard but I'm also really rusty.

Listen, I borrowed Rosetta Stone from a friend, and that thing is way too boring. I don't care if 'the boy is under the plane' or the 'the car is red.' Give me a real conversation, something I can use. With people. And I know they actually improved it to include some in the first level, but its really just a few token phrases. People are deceiving themselves that its teaching them very much.

But Tell Me more is the opposite. You get some real vocabualary and conversation right away. And real grammar. At real life speed. I feel like I'm challenged, not like with RS where I would feel like I was being duped if I actually paid for it.

And what's with that other reviewer (sorry didn't check the name)? Plain looking? I think it looks fine. Are you talking about the same program, or do you just work for Rosetta Stone, ha ha! They must hate this site because it actually allows negative reviews of Rosetta Stone ha ha!

I paid for the full 10 level version of Tell Me More and I love it. By the way, please update your reviews of Tell Me More and Rosetta Stone. They both have new versions. Thanks. Great website, you have lots of cool ideas. Thanks

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Updating Review of Tell Me More Now
by: Ron

Thanks for your comments. I happen to be updating the reviews of both Tell Me More and Rosetta Stone right now. I'll have them both up in the next few days.

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