Tell Me More Taught Me Dutch!

by Zach
(Seattle, WA)

I originally went with an Auralog product because there is a surprising lack of Dutch language software on the market, and most of it costs about three times as much as the Dutch Tell Me More product. When I was going to college at Arizona State University, we used a Tell Me More product in our German culture and society class in our preparations for the school's equivalent to a foreign exchange program. Back then, I was impressed with how easy the software was to use, and in the past four years, their software has just gotten better.

The Dutch package which I purchased featured three separate learning levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. All in all, the package contains over four hundred hours of Dutch lessons, not to mention the box claims that it contains over two thousand exercises. Interactive dialogues are included, as well as a glossary, an activity report and a built-in lesson report system.

Auralog's products are a fantastic value and can be ordered directly off the website for a very reasonable price. Most importantly, when I went to live in Rotterdam for three months, I was able to speak Dutch reasonably well. Figuring in the time I put into using the lessons, I can barely even believe how great of a job Tell Me More did to prepare me. I recommend this to anyone not just interested in learning Dutch, but any new language.

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