The German Language is a Very Fun Thing

Speaking German is very new to begin from scratch. The main easy parts of speech are decently easy to learn when it comes to speaking German. The teacher I had was born in Germany and spoke it very well, so she didn't have a whole lot of patience with my class, so I think I speak it a little better than she liked to lead us on.

Some things actually do sound very similar to English and some really comes easy. Things like "Ich Leibe Dich" being 'I Love you.' I wouldn't expect someone to look at that and know for a fact its 'I love you,' but it's close.

There is some German music I listen to now still. Now I listen to, I don't understand all the words, but I do listen to it. In my class we went to a German area in Illinois. It was very fun, the food was great.

Overall the German language is a very fun thing to get involved in. Any foregn language is. German is pretty difficult to learn at first but with a little work and dedication I think a lot of people can have fun with this language.

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small correction
by: Jinx

It's actually "Ich liebe dich." I don't normally go around making nit-picky corrections, but I think this one is important, since you're talking about how recognizable certain phrases in German are. "Leibe" means "bodies," and anything that's capitalized within a sentence is a noun. :)

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