They need to improve the keyboard interface

by Steve
(Tucson, AZ)

I'm using Tell-Me-More after three semesters of college Spanish for review and hopefully to improve my speaking and understanding skills. Since most of the material isn't new to me I'd like to be able to go through it fast. Unfortunuately they don't provide anyway of typing in letters with accents which means I have to take my hands off the keyboard and use the mouse. This really slows me down and pisses me off.

It appears they must of used some half-assed programming language to develop this system as seems to go out of its way to filter out the Microsoft keyboard codes for these accented characters. I suspect this is something they can't easily fix or they probable would have done so by now.

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Use the Language Bar
by: Ron

Steve, I agree that taking your hands off the keyboard and having to use the mouse in a program is a pain. But, I've been using the Windows Language Bar - when you are in Tell Me More, just call up the language bar and choose your new keyboard layout. I've been using this method rather than those annoying alt codes. Hope that helps.

Foreign keyboard layouts
by: Felipe

I agree with Ron about adding the foreign language keyboard layout to your computer setup. On Windoze you can just use ALT+SHFT to switch between two different language layouts once you have added the 2nd language.

Also, you should get used to the foreign keyboard layout because when you visit that foreign country, that's what you'll be faced with!

You can print the foreign keyboard layout so that you can easily tell what you're typing even with the US keyboard.


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