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by Joan

I see many posts that label the software as "boring, using baby sentences, etc". The description of the software states that you will learn this language just like you learned your native language. Since you were babies when learning, you obviously cannot remember, but you have been around babies and see how they learn to speak. You start out by showing an object and repeating it's name. Once they learn names of objects then they start learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, etc. And in time, they put all of these words together and start making "baby sentences". This is exactly how Rosetta Stone has described their format of teaching a language.

There has also been complaints of the software allowing you to cheat or guess. Ha! Have you never done that on a test before? Pre-K kids do it all of the time, but eventually you will pick up on the "guessed" answers and really learn them because they will be used again throughout the course.
Everyone wants instantanious results, but learning foreign languages require total immersion. You must also "use" what you have learned. Even if you aren't around anyone who speaks the language, use it yourself and when you do come across someone who speaks that language be sure to only converse with them in that language. Most natives of the languages that we are learning are happy to help and very tolerant of mis-pronunciations, etc.

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