Ultimate Language Secrets Review

Owen Lee is a successful polyglot and teacher of languages. He has written a book entitled Ultimate Language Secrets. In it, he presents an approach to learning languages that may forever change your idea of what language learning is.

Would you like to learn another language? Have you tried but didn't get very far? Did you study in school and now you can't remember anything of what you learned? Don't be ashamed. That's the language learning experience that most of us have had.

Many of us have a vision in our heads of sitting in a classroom, pouring over endless verb conjugations and noun declensions and committing to rote memorization of vocabulary. That's what we've been brainwashed to expect of language learning.

Prepare to have that notion shattered.

Owen Lee's book Ultimate Language Secrets turns that old-school idea of 'language study' on its head. You may still have to study grammar and you may have to sit down and read a book, but that old line between classroom and real-life use just got very blurry.

Owens approach involves, as he puts it, "application in the real world as opposed to mere theoretical knowledge. The more you participate, the more you get. This book is designed to work."

Real world application is what most people think of doing after you learn the language. The reality is, applying it as you learn it is the best way to accelerate your learning. That is what Owen is suggesting, and that is why Ultimate Language Secrets works.

Don't think for a second that these 'secrets' don't involve hard work and dedication on your part - they do. If you're looking for a quick-fix, plug-a-language-into-your-brain kind of thing, then don't look here.

Ultimate Language Secrets guides you to break yourself out of that traditional way of language learning and embrace a whole new way of learning a language.

Barry Farbers great book How To Learn Any Language went a long way to change the established rules of language study (and I still think it is required reading), but his book is now decades old and in many ways does not appeal to current generations. It was written before the internet. And the internet really allows the rules to change.

This is where Owen Lee comes in.

Carrying on in the tradition of Barry Farber, Ultimate Language Secrets helps to redefine the new model of language learning. It is steeped in the possibilities of the internet. Mr. Lee knows perfectly well that the internet presents the independent language learner with much greater possibilities than Barry Farbers generation ever had. He knows who his audience is and what they'll be doing with the information he is giving them.

Ultimate Language Secrets covers all the topics it needs to. It focuses early on motivation and goal setting. One thing I like about Owens approach is that he'd like you to set your goals high - what he calls 'stretch goals.'

Most language learning books suggest a more traditional and conservative approach - set reasonable goals and don't get discouraged. Owen asks you to set reasonable short-term goals too, but he also asks you to really stretch yourself on mid-term and long-term goals. He even pushes you to set what others might think are unreasonable goals. "Learn aggressively and with intensity," he says.

He recognizes that there is a certain set of skills required to learn languages. His book emphasizes learning and honing those skills. He has sections on memory techniques, pronunciation tricks, tips for learning grammar in chunks and sorting out the exceptions later. He emphasizes techniques using the whole brain (and even the body) to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Anything to help you learn your target language faster.

Owen fills in the gaps in the learning process that are inevitably left behind by language methods, commercial products, tutorials and classes. Not that he doesn't believe those products are useful. He does, but, you should use several, along with supplementary learning materials mixed with real-life use. It all overlaps to form one big learning environment.

About Ultimate Language Secrets Mr. Lee says "It is written with an important goal in mind, namely to help self-learners master any number of languages in a non-native environment." His book outlines how to build that non-native immersion environment.

"Each individual is unique and honestly, we know ourselves best. So naturally, the only learning system that is going to work for you perfectly is a system that you have come up with yourself, to suit your distinctive learning style."

Are these all short-cuts and gimmicks? Well, yes and no. There are short-cuts designed to reduce the amount of time spent learning. There are tricks designed to help you absorb vocabulary and leap-frog over unnecessary grammar lessons. Owen has distanced himself from that old-school tradition of not using a language until you know it perfectly, which really means never!

They are short-cuts but guess what? They work! As long as you do, that is.

There's a big difference between reading a book on learning languages and doing what the book says to do. And doing is what Ultimate Language Secrets is about. I suppose you could say that the 'secret' is that you must actually do all the work yourself. But Owen Lee shows us the way to turn the secret into reality.

If you read Owens book (or any other on learning languages) and do just some of what it says, it could mean the difference between success and failure. Doing everything that Ultimate Language Secrets says will mean the difference between success and spectacular success!

For more information, go to UltimateLanguageSecrets.com

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