Various Rosetta Stone Comments

by Ron

Here are some comments on Rosetta Stone that, for one reason or another, most likely technical, I didn't post them at the time I received them. They reflect a wide variety of feelings and experiences with Rosetta Stone.

Awful software. You'll get a different error message every time you try to use it.
Save your money. Rosetta Stone is a ripoff!!


Rosettastone German

I am using rosettastone online sub + micheal thomas + Dummies German audio + Earworm + I listen to german pop music, and interviews therefore I don't know what is helping but I really like rosetta stone as it helps me to spell whereas the others don't. and read as well as pronounce. Also its cool the way you learn as if you are a baby again so its not information over load.
uk buckinghamshire

Rosetta Later on.

Did not like it at first, cause I wanted to learn useful sentence quickly so used a book/mp3/talking to pp instead.

Now one year on I find it quite useful, going very quickly throughout early unit and focusing on what Rosetta is good at: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary. I guess because it is a very different method it fills gap...if you can afford it.


Rosetta Stone was just plain not helpful. The words and phrases it teaches are of no practical use when trying to learn a language especially for a beginer. Save your time and money. It doesn't work

It SUCKS!!! It doesn't work and it's all in spanish!! They don't even give you a chance to learn!!! OMG IT SUCKS SOOOOOOOO BAD!!!! YOU pay WAY TOO MUCH also!!! Two words for you..... RIP.....OFF!!!!!!!


An idea about Rosetta Stone

I'm using
this software and i've finished Spanish level 1. I can say that it's really useful. I decided to finish last level -level 3-. After the finishing level 3, i'll be in good at speaking spanish.- i hope-

Buy instant imersion instead

Instant immersion is a similiar software at a fraction of the price. I bought spanish with 9 cds for 20.00 on black friday at bestbuy. While i have not done rosetta stone, from what ive seen, instant immersion, appears as good. .maybe better. Save 500.00 and buy this instead.


Roseta stone takes a while

i belive roseta stone may work but still i am trying to learn a new language and it seems almost imposable the only problem is it takes a really long time to learn a language

its great if you use it

I think that if you actually use the product to its full advantages then you get the best results. I have been using it for a week for spanish level one and I know a ton more about the language.

Not buying it.

Sorry rosetta stone but after all the reviews i've heard, especially the reviews about trying to sell it or at least give it to a loved one only to find out they cant install it on their computer i dont think i'll be buying rs anytime soon. I'll just take a class or 2 at school...the old fashion way.

Edwin H.
Orange County, CA, USA


you suck. well you do NOT SUCK but its the log in screen i go to the sms management and look at my
password and go back to the log in screen enter the passwor and does not work


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