Very disappointed so far in Version 3

I made it through Rosetta Stone level 1 and 2 of Dutch in version 2. I was somewhat frustrated with these because the program often reverts to baby sentences when introducing a new topic, such as in grammar or vocabulary, rather than introducing the new material in the context of more challenging material already encountered. But I was pleased that towards the end of level 2, the material became increasingly complex and even contained a large amount of idiomatic speech. So, I was excited when Fairfield finally released a level 3 of Dutch.

But so far, I do not like version 3 at all. First of all, I thought "Level 3" would imply more difficult material. Not at all. We are back to the same baby sentences and I have not seen a single word of new vocabulary or new grammar topic thus far. Second, it is nearly impossible with the new version to preview or review the lessons. You can only see the material while you actually do a lesson. Therefore, you can't write out the lesson and review it at your leisure away from the computer. Supposedly, the new "Audio Companion" included with version 3 solves this problem by letting you listen to the lessons on an MP3 player. But I can state without a shadow of a doubt- the Audio Companion is completely worthless! I've been doing Dutch on Rosetta Stone for the past two years, and I would think that for level 3, they would challenge my "Dutch ear" a little bit more by giving me actual conversations in the language at normal speed. Instead, we get a slow recitation of baby sentences like "De koelkast is naast de aanrecht" (The refridgerator is next to the counter).

So, I realized a long time ago that Rosetta Stone was probably not the best way to learn a foreign language, but I kept with it because it's so hard to find other resources for Dutch. I was even quite pleased with the complexity of the lessons towards the end of level 2 version 2. But version 3 has so far been a complete waste of my time.

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