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How to Improve Listening Comprehension With One Technique

As someone who mostly studies written language, I find achieving or maintaining listening comprehension skills difficult. I don't engage in conversation

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FSI - A Long-Lost Favorite

One of the classic language learning methods is the old FSI courses, the Foreign Service language courses produced by the US government. Some companies

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I'm finally getting into Social media! Facebook and Twitter posts coming!

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Duolingo Adds the Missing Link

There is a very big gap between studying a language and using it. This gap comes when you want to get away from canned phrases, strict scripts and trying

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Learn Portuguese on your own!

What's the best way to learn Portuguese? Choose the best methods and resources to make your language learning experience fun, exciting and worthwhile.

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Beware Wanderlust

I have been afflicted yet again with another bout of Wanderlust. If you are unfamiliar with this wretched condition, let me explain. It haunts those of

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Learn Finnish!

Start to learn Finnish today! Learn this interesting and exotic language of Scandinavia!

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Learn Esperanto

Learn Esperanto and open up a whole new world of communication!

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Give the Gift of Language for the Holidays!

For a unique gift, try giving someone an introductory language course. There are lots of products that are inexpensive, educational and fun. You can find books, cds, software products and more.

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Language Learning For Older Folks

I live in an area where there are a lot of older folks and retirees. In fact, it is the primary clientele at my job. Invariably I see that older people

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Getting More Out of Tell Me More

Tell Me More is my favorite software language method. But that doesn't mean that it's perfect. I'm always looking for ways to get more out of language

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The Fragility of Language Learners

From time to time I am reminded of the fragility of the language learner. It's not noteworthy when I notice it in myself. Like many language learners,

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