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Besides universities and colleges, there are a number of dedicated language schools that can provide a course schedule suited to your needs and budget. When we think of learning a language, we tend to think of studying in high school or college, or even studying a book on our own. But there are actually a wide array of choices for every language learner.

Languages schools can provide programs for people of all ages and at all different levels. Whether a complete beginner, intermediate or even advanced, language schools often have a program pre-designed for you. They are usually prepared to modify and adapt these programs specifically to your needs. The quality of the education is excellent and is almost always with a native speaking teacher. This comes at a heavy price, however. Studying in a language school can be quite expensive and is usually not an option for the budget conscious language learner.

If you want to study in your home country, there are several excellent franchise language schools that may have a location near you. These franchises may also have a language school in a country where your target language is spoken if you want to study abroad. These companies provide education for a wide variety of languages and have a presence around the world.


Cactus Language

EF Education Language Schools

First Step World

Or you can try to search for a program or course in a specific country.

Also, check out these other resources. is the leading international education and experiential travel resource. Our directories contain over 25,000 opportunities abroad updated daily including study abroad, internships, volunteer opportunities, teach abroad, language schools and much more.

The great advantage to studying abroad is the complete immersion into the language environment and culture of the host country. Although your studies may only be a few hours per day or week, you have all the rest of your time to explore the local town or city and put to use the language that you are studying. I've never (at least not yet!) experienced this kind of language learning environment, but I can't imagine a better one.

Don't forget that there are local language schools that cater specifically to foreigners in almost every country.

Italian Language Schools

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"The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after."

- Newton D. Baker

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