Spanish Language Schools

There is no better place to learn Spanish than in a Spanish language school! Aside from a university, there are plenty of language schools and learning vacation programs where you can choose a course program ideal for your needs, budget and schedule. You can learn in the classroom with native-speaking teachers, and then go out and put what you've learned to good use.

Depending on where you live, whether you are in or near a big city or if there is a large Spanish speaking population, you may have local language schools with native speaking teachers. If not, the best place to learn is to study Spanish abroad in a Spanish speaking country. You gain the benefits of an intensive immersion program, and then you can go out and experience the life and culture of the people who speak Spanish. You won't get much opportunity to fall back on English, but that's the best way to learn!

These Spanish language schools are just a sampling of the many programs and courses available. Do lots of research before you make your final choice.

Spanish schools in Spain
Quality Courses offers the most affordable way to learn Spanish in Spain.

Speak Spanish and English Fast
Provides Spanish tuition for Business Executives and individuals in the London area. Six week intensive course available. One on one tuition also available as well as small classes to suit clients.
For a comprehensive list of Spanish language schools throughout the world.

Language Schools has more information and resources on studying in a language school abroad.

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"By such innovations are languages enriched: when the words are adopted by the multitude and naturalized by custom."

- Miguel De Cervantes

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