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Using a variety of internet resources, you can learn Esperanto online free. Luckily for us, the nature of Esperanto lends itself to easy distribution on the internet. There are many people and organizations that want to expand the use of Esperanto. Consequently, we have some good resources available to us for free. There are also a number of resources that you can download for free that will help you learn Esperanto. This web page will guide you to all the best online resources to learn Esperanto for free.

Online or Downloadable Courses/Tutorials

Lernu is an excellent website designed for the beginning Esperanto enthusiast with free courses and resources to learn Esperanto.

Kurso De Esperanto is a great downloadable course to learn Esperanto and it is absolutely free. It will give you the basics of Esperanto with sound examples so you can work on the pronunciation of the language.

Esperanto Key From the Esperanto Society of Chicago, this page contains a key to the structure of Esperanto. It includes an explanation of its grammar and links to other pages with common sayings and a glossary.

The Free Esperanto Course This ten lesson free course gives you the opportunity to learn Esperanto free online with a tutor who will check your answers to the course exercises and also answer any questions you have.

Esperanto Viva This course is still under construction but ten lessons are viewable online and are also downloadable.

Transparent Language offers a free vocabulary trainer to get started learning Esperanto. Get your Free BYKI™ Lite download by Transparent Language

Free Ebooks


The Esperanto Teacher This free ebook is an old, out-of-copyright book for learning Esperanto called - The Esperanto Teacher by Helen Fryer. It's not as user-friendly as more modern language courses, but it contains all the basic rules and vocabulary that you need to learn Esperanto.

To open this ebook (it's a PDF file) simply left click to open in a new window or right click and save it.


A Complete Grammar of Esperanto This free ebook is, like the previous book, an old, out-of-copyright book for learning Esperanto. This one is called - A Complete Grammar of Esperanto by Ivy Kellerman. It's much more grammar-based than modern language courses and it's fairly comprehensive with lots of exercises (but no answer key) and a long glossary.

To open this ebook (it's a PDF file) simply left click to open in a new window or right click and save it.

If you are looking for commercial products, you will find some of the best to learn Esperanto here. There are lots of other resources to help you learn Esperanto, and don't forget to check out the general language resources page for finding penpals, chats, study materials, forums and other language learning resources.

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