Learning Esperanto

Learning Esperanto is a relatively easy endeavor compared to the 'national' languages. With its simple construction and easy pronunciation it can be learned to a high level with much less time and effort than other languages.

Esperanto is a created language, invented in the late 1800's as an 'international auxiliary language' in order to facilitate communication between people of different native languages. Esperanto is the only constructed language that has had any success and continues to be used today, enjoying a significant presence on the internet, with many pages, sites, organizations and radio programs from around the world.

There are few commercial products available for learning Esperanto, but it really doesn't need them to the same extent as the more complex national languages. There are ample resources on the internet to gain a basic to intermediate knowledge of the language.

Kurso De Esperanto The Kurso De Esperanto is a great downloadable course to learn Esperanto and it is absolutely free. It will give you the basics of Esperanto with sound examples so you can work on the pronunciation of the language.

Lernu is an excellent website designed for the beginning Esperanto enthusiast with free courses and resources to learn Esperanto.

For free ebooks and more courses and tutorials to learn esperanto online free click here.

Teach Yourself Esperanto Probably the best introduction to Esperanto there is. This book is easy to follow and gives a much more thorough base in Esperanto than you would ever get from a similarly sized book studying another language. You can begin using Esperanto almost immediately. It effectively covers all the grammar of Esperanto you need to know and provides the bulk of the most common vocabulary.

Teach Me Esperanto CD-rom The Teach Me CD-rom interface is extraordinarily simple and effective. Becuase Esperanto is a logical and regular language, this software works especially well. Just choose the autolearn feature and the course is already laid out for you. It will even focus on vocabulary or grammar that you are having trouble with, and review older material as you integrate it with new. An excellent program to learn Esperanto, and at a great price.

Look for more resources for learning Esperanto at ELNA This is the Esperanto League of North America. Here you can find information, books, cd's, websites and other resources for learning Esperanto. Also, find more Esperanto resources here, and don't forget to look for other resources to help you learn languages at the general language resources page.

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"A language is a more ancient and inevitable thing than any state"

-Joseph Brodsky

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