Spanish Language Resources and Links

Here is a list of links to Spanish language resources. Some of these sites contain so many links and resources that you will certainly not find everything that interests you in one sitting. Be sure to bookmark this page and any others you may find in your explorations that you find particularly interesting. Buena suerte!

Spanish Language at The single best resource for Spanish language and culture on the internet (at least written in English anyway!)

Study Spanish Tutorial Free basic lessons with quizzes and a little audio.

ELEaston Links to many valuable resources for anyone learning Spanish.

Spanish Language Resources from Unilang Free beginners courses and other Spanish resources.

Destinos from Annenberg/CPB A non-profit educational foundation that makes available some language programs in video-on-demand format for free. Simply register your e-mail with them (you will receive a monthly e-mail newsletter) and you have access to a small library of video productions. The 52 episode Destinos, a half-hour program that immerses you into the Spanish language, is excellent for beginners. Read my Review of Destinos. Some links to newspapers, radio and other resources for learning and using Spanish.

A Spanish and English Chat! This is a really cool chat where people speak both English and Spanish in order to help each other learn. The best part - it's free!

Lingolex Spanish Resources Lots of useful and fun resources to learn Spanish. Vocabulary lists, common mistakes, grammar, games and lots more.

Learn Spanish Online via Audio-Conference- Online Spanish Courses and Lessons - One to One Interaction - Fully Customized Courses
Spanish Lessons via the Internet. Real, everyday and practical language. Qualified instructors.

Spanish Language Schools

If you are interested in taking a learning vacation or an immersion course to study Spanish in Spain or Latin America, then visit this page of Spanish Language Schools.

Don't forget to look for penpals, more forums and chats, and other useful links on the General Resources page. Also, there are a few additional resources to learn Spanish on the Learn Spanish Online Free page.

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"I bought a self learning record to learn Spanish. I turned it on and went to sleep; the record got stuck. The next day I could only stutter in Spanish."

- Steven Wright

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